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Catalan photojournalist and freelance journalist. She works and collaborates with cultural media such as Valors magazine and the radio program Valors a l'alça. She has also worked with the Ojalá Projects organization within the script and documentation tasks of the documentary "C'est pas facile", shot in Athens, where through five witnesses, this short film gives to know the situation of mothers and women who have been mothers during migration irregular At the same time, he collaborates with the Efe agency on an itinerant basis as well as national media such as El Periódico de Catalunya.

Currently, she carries out photographic projects focused on social inclusion and reflection around the accessibility of people who due to their genetic condition cannot access to most public spaces. In 2021 she was the winner of the 24th edition postgraduate in photojournalism by the Autonomous University of Catalonia. Her way to understand photography is through the understanding of the other, using  this as a tool of empathy and social awareness.

Contact me for any assignments via:
Email: mariadoultremont@gmail.com
Tel: +34 654 637 761

Maria d'Oultremont

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